Our Staff


Catherine McArthur

Born: Rotherham, North Canterbury

Graduated: 1979, Otago Medical School

Special interests: Gynaecology, Palliative Care

Greatest achievement: My four children and six grandchildren

I relax by: Walking and reading

Top of bucket list: Helicopter over Aoraki/Mt Cook

Most rewarding thing about working in Healthcare is: The relationships with many special people

Days of work: Wed/Thurs/Fri

Johnathan Todd

Born: Leicestershire England

Graduated: 2011 Southampton University

Special interests: General medicine

Greatest achievement: Spending a year working in a South African Emergency Department

I relax by: Mountain biking, running and listening to music

Top of bucket list: To visit Nepal

Most rewarding thing about working in Healthcare: Helping people to understand their health problems and how we can address them together

Days of work: Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs

Sandy Mitchell

Born: Christchurch

Graduated: 2016 Otago University

Special interests: Women’s health, sports medicine, minor surgery

Greatest achievement: Playing Hockey for the NZDF; and deploying as Clinical Lead to manage a COVID outbreak in Egypt

I relax by: Playing sport

Most rewarding thing about working in Healthcare: Seeing improvement in patients health and lives over time

Days of work: Mon/Tues/Wed

 Mary Warren  

Born: Timaru NZ

Graduated: 2000 Otago University

Special interests: Child and family health

I relax by: Spending time with family and friends, getting outdoors, reading

Most rewarding thing about working in Healthcare: Getting to know my patients and supporting them through health and illness

Days of work: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri


Dr Tom Moore

Tom is a Selwyn local who graduated from the University of Otago in 2016.  His special interests are children’s health and musculoskeletal medicine.  In his spare time Tom enjoys tennis, mountain biking and running.

Days of work: Mon/Tues/Wed/Fri

Phil Schroeder  

Graduated: 1986 Otago University

Special interests: Photography especially of the NZ landscape

I relax by: Being out in that landscape, on my mountain bike, walking the dogs and maintaining a small farmlet.

Greatest Achievements: Bringing up and being involved in a wonderful family; coordinating primary health services in Canterbury over the past decade, plus with the swine flu pandemic, Canterbury earthquakes an culminating in the Covid pandemic.

Top of bucket list: Get back the the Northern hemisphere photographing in the Mediterranean and Scotland.

Most rewarding thing about working in Healthcare: Establishing an ongoing and enduring role with patinets to walk their health journey with them

Days of work: Mon – Thurs



Anila, Christine, Jane, Jo, Julie, Karen, Katie, Megan, Rose, Tasha

Practice Manager

Deborah Devon


Healthcare Assistants

Jana, Sara and Amber


Ali, Amber, Carolyn, Kim, Letetia, Lois, Lorna, Tricia