Mid Canterbury Foot Clinic was established in 2004. Principle Podiatrist Marcel Moreton started the Clinic in Ashburton and then expanded into Rolleston. Living in the Selwyn area for 12 years, Marcel recognized that the growing population needed Podiatric services without having to travel long distances to access them.

A Podiatrist through their training is specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of foot and lower limb conditions. This can be as simple as treating hard to cut toenails, through to ingrown toenail surgery and the treatment and prevention of sports injuries.

Marcel is ACC registered and patients are able to claim a subsidy on their treatment if their problem is injury related.

Podiatrists work closely with other health providers to ensure the best treatment plan for the patient. This may include the patient’s GP, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Musculoskeletal Specialists, Sports Doctors, Podiatric Surgeons, Orthopedic Surgeons and Radiology Facilities. Mid Canterbury Foot Clinic also works closely with footwear providers to ensure Patient’s get the best shoes to compliment their Podiatry treatment.

Appointments available Tuesdays 9am – 7pm; Thursdays 9am – 7pm; Fridays 2pm – 6pm.