Continuity of Care

Rolleston Central Health aims to provide the very best service possible to our patients. An essential aspect of this is an ongoing relationship between the patient and their regular doctor, this is a concept known as Continuity of Care. Medical research has shown that this concept results in very positive outcomes for the patient.

 When you enrol at Rolleston Central Health, you be registered with a particular doctor and you should aim to book appointments with this doctor whenever you need healthcare advice.  Over time, you and that doctor will hopefully establish a good working relationship, which is an important aspect of General Practice.

If your appointment is routine, for example a repeat prescription or follow up consultation, you can book this at least a week or two in advance – even a month or two!  The benefits of planning and booking are twofold: You get to see the same doctor for continuity of care and you can usually choose a day and time that suits your schedule. Our friendly reception staff are more than happy to assist you to make future appointments.

Of course, if you have an immediate, unexpected, health problem you can phone for an appointment with the next available doctor.